Zomay Group

Zomay Group “the Company” metamorphosed from the flagship company of Zomay Marine and Logistics Limited, which organically evolved from 3 main business divisions i.e. Marine Logistics Division, Dredging Division and Civil Construction Division and which developed into corporate entities and later subsidiaries of Zomay Group Limited.

Each subsidiary have individually grown both in human capacity and asset base whilst the Group provides support with organizational structure, corporate governance, shared services and international best practices.

Across the Group, we have competent and capable workforce, both national and expatriates who are skilled and well motivated. Our project personnel are fully trained and equipped to implement and achieve all project objectives. Planning scenarios is a continuous on-going development exercise we engage in, to implement the best practice, at the same time optimize the cost saving to increase the highest return on investment for all our esteemed customers.

Manpower planning is a continuous exercise, planned and monitored to meet the immediate, short and long term objectives of the Company. Our staff are exceptionally qualified and there is a periodic training –need analysis undertaken to isolate skills and knowledge gaps that are supplemented with structured training programs.

Future Frontiers

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