Marine and Logistics


Platform Support Vessel

Platform Support Vessels (PSV) range in length from 190 feet to over 250 feet. These vessels provide the support needed for deepwater drilling and production operations. In addition, these vessels have the capability of handling the more typical construction and maintenance tasks of standard offshore supply vessels. Our access to a vast fleet of PSV globally allows customers to focus on special requirements such as Dynamic Positioning, methanol capability, high volume liquid mud and dry bulk capacities, or to choose the vessels that can handle it all, adding maximum flexibility to their chartered fleet.

Specially designed to carry all the necessary equipment, material and catering supplies to enable the Rigs and Platforms to function. Transport a wide range of both liquid and dry (powder) cargoes in internal storage tanks and strengthened decks for carrying containers, drill pipes and other heavy equipment. Some have the capability (in varying degrees) for Towing and Fire Fighting.

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