Zomay Dredging

Zomay Dredging Services Limited started with a humble beginning as the dredging department of Zomay Marine & Logistics Limited in 2007. Within a short period, it recorded tremendous success in executing several projects, and thus became the flagship department of the Company and which later culminated and earned it its right to be an independent entity, with the formation of Zomay Dredging Services Limited.

Zomay Dredging Services Limited is one of the leading dredging companies in Nigeria providing capital dredging and maintenance works, land and swamp reclamation, dredging and stockpiling, canalization and port sweeping works within the Niger Delta region and Nigeria as a whole. Our fleet mainly operates within the Niger Delta region; however, our technical capabilities can be extended to any part of the coastal region of West Africa.

Today, our dredging operation capability in a highly sophisticated with the aid of the latest modern technology which helps us to meet our customers needs and also to exceed their expectations.

Our fleet consists of an array of Cutter Suction Dredgers (CSD); ranging in capacity from 2nos Damen CSD450 (20″x18” Dredger, 15m max depth); 2nos Damen CSD500 (22″x20” Dredger, 18m max depth); 2nos Leader Dredger LD4500 (24/22-inch, 21m Ladder Length) and through our long standing relation with our manufacturers, we are able to deploy larger dredger which are project specific within the shortest possible time.
Our dredgers are supported by our Marine Department that have tugs boats and multi-cat crafts, and ably assisted by A-Frame barges wherever necessary. It is our endeavor to keep expanding our fleet to meet the demands of our customers.

The reclamation works we undertake are carried out in accordance with the contract specifications with minimal tolerances using appropriate technologically advanced land based equipment, that are fully serviced and maintained by our mobile workshops.

As a value–added service, Zomay Dredging has the in-house competency to do pre and post survey works including all geotechnical, hydrographic and underwater studies including sand searches and sand classification stratigraphy. Survey work carried out is with the use of RTK GPS and GTS equipment for the pre-reclamation projects and to build hydrographic survey vessels, which are equipped with the latest dual frequency echo sounders and sonar equipment. These equipment log data directly to on board computers in order to facilitate volumetric calculations for simultaneously carrying out the plotting of the detailed survey charts during survey operations.


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