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Zomay Dredging Services Limited started with a humble beginning as the dredging department of Zomay Marine & Logistics Limited in 2007. Within a short period, it recorded tremendous success in executing several projects, and thus became the flagship department of the Company and which later culminated and earned it its right to be an independent entity, with the formation of Zomay Dredging Services Limited.

Zomay Dredging Services Limited is one of the leading dredging companies in Nigeria providing capital dredging and maintenance works, land and swamp reclamation, dredging and stockpiling, canalization and port sweeping works within the Niger Delta region and Nigeria as a whole. Our fleet mainly operates within the Niger Delta region; however, our technical capabilities can be extended to any part of the coastal region of West Africa.

Today, our dredging operation capability in a highly sophisticated with the aid of the latest modern technology which helps us to meet our customers needs and also to exceed their expectations.

We have long experience in piling and shore protection works. Our specialty includes precast concrete manufacturing at our plant and driving them at site. Also we have vast experience in sheet piling for temporary and permanent shoring, and marine curtain walls for ports.

Our specialist engineers are prepared to visit you to discuss your requirements and answer all your enquiries. You will find that our prices for doing piling works are very competitive coupled with high quality works and experienced engineers.

Precast concrete elements, supplied with thickness of 20 and 30 cm and various lengths up to 17m, are driven into the soil by means of hydraulic or electric vibrators. The sheet piles are sealed with a special joint successively grouted and connected together by beams, anchored with tiebacks if required by design. The availability of Zomay’s precast facilities in different areas of the country, the flexibility and durability of the system and the easy transportation are the greatest advantages of this method, which is suitable to form continuous and sealed walls for excavation support, soil stabilization and shore protections.


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